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Beaches in the Province of Oristano: Coastal Paradises to Discover

The Province of Oristano, located along the western coast of Sardinia, boasts some of the most charming beaches on the island. With its crystal-clear waters, white sands, and pristine landscapes, this area is a true paradise for sea and nature lovers. In this article, we will guide you to the discovery of some of the most spectacular beaches in the Province of Oristano, providing you with a comprehensive overview of these coastal wonders.

Unmissable Beaches in Oristano:

Is Arutas Beach

  • Located on the western coast of Sardinia
  • Characterized by sand made up of tiny grains of white quartz
  • Crystal-clear waters and breathtaking colors

Perfect for snorkeling and long walks on the beach

Mari Ermi Beach

  • Famous for its colorful pebbles
  • Crystal-clear and shallow waters, ideal for families with children
  • Tranquil and relaxing atmosphere

Opportunity to practice water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing

Credits Sardegna Turismo https://www.sardegnaturismo.it/it/esplora/mari-ermi

Sa Mesa Longa Beach

  • Wild and unspoiled beach
  • Surrounded by sand dunes and Mediterranean vegetation
  • Clear waters teeming with marine life

Perfect for nature lovers and those seeking peaceful beaches

Putzu Idu Beach

  • Long and sandy beach, perfect for long walks
  • Shallow and calm waters, suitable for children as well
  • Numerous kiosks and restaurants along the coast

Opportunity to practice water sports such as surfing and bodyboarding

Credits Sardegna Turismo https://www.sardegnaturismo.it/it/esplora/putzu-idu

Is Arenas Beach

  • Immense and wild beach
  • Stretching for about 5 kilometers Immersed in a centuries-old pine forest
  • Crystal-clear waters and sandy bottoms

Great for water sports enthusiasts and birdwatching


The Province of Oristano is a true gem for lovers of the sea and pristine beaches. Its coasts offer a variety of spectacular beaches, ranging from those with white sands and crystal-clear waters to those with colorful pebbles and breathtaking landscapes. Each beach has its unique charm and offers the opportunity to enjoy moments of relaxation and fun in an extraordinary natural environment. Choosing a vacation in the Province of Oristano means immersing yourself in a world of natural beauty and authenticity, far from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Prepare your sunscreen and beach towel because the Province of Oristano awaits you with its enchanting and unforgettable beaches!


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